Saturday, November 17, 2012

let's rock this place!

Hello Beautiful!) Today I gonna be showing you fall night out outfit!)

 What I picked up from my wardrobe:

Jumper    ASOS  With Studded Cuffs
Leggings  Reverse Cross Print 
Scarf         Chanel 
Shoes       Jeffrey Campbell Lita


Necklace    Skull Cross Asos
Earrings     Bought in the small shop in Milan
Bracelet        Butler & Wilson
Ring             Bought it in in Milan too

Bag              Chanel

This is my OOTD)Would be nice to know your opinion)))

Hope you enjoy it.
Love you all!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Prime your face, baby)

Hello Beautiful!) Today I gonna be talking about primers. I know that most of girls doesn't use it, but I really can't live without it. I have used a lot of them, but the faves one I want to show you. And make a rate of 5 major aspects with overall mark. (quality,consistency packaging,smell,blending)
All my ratings are based on the price and the product
( does it make sense?I mean that if product costs me 6 pounds I will not expect that the packaging will consist of golden parts and elite materials)

Baby, lets prime your face!) 

  I have 5 different primers: 

  1. Guerlain L'OR ( with Pure Gold) Price 42
  2. Collection 2000 Primed and ready Price 
  3. NARS 'Pro-Prime™' Oil Free      Price 24
  4. NYX Studio Photogenic Primer   Price ₤12
  5. Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets   Price 34

And now I gonna tell you about every primer with precised details)

Guerlain L'OR(radiance concentrate with Pure Gold)

honestly love  this product, it's really good and yeah it's pricey, but price matches the quality. I have used it for a long time. But sometimes I'd prefer to use more creamy ones. 
 The consistency is liquid with magnificent smell!The make-up looks so marvelous  after this primer!  the packaging is  luxuries. Primer has posh golden pump, and the solid body made of real glass, but it is little bit heavy)( not for your purse)). By the way it has pure gold crumbs(oh it's so posh)For me personally  I don't like it cause primer takes a lot of minutes to absorb into the skin but beauty requires time time and again time to become outrageous))

My Rate ( maximum 10)

Quality            10 ( really very high quality ingredients) 
Packaging       10 ( but not for purse)
Smell               10 (love it!it's amazing)
Blending          8  ( long absorbing)
Consistency     9 ( i don't like watery staff)

Overall 9.4

If you don't want to buy expensive primer, just don't do it, because you can find something better for you with lower price. 
Just keep reading))

Collection 2000 Primed and ready

This one is my fave one!! I love it!!  This is a silicon based primer, it is so smooth!The make-up looks perfect after this primer! Uprightly this is very good silicon primer, now i wanna try "benefit"one, have you ever try it?
 But the 18 ml is too small, btw the price is only £6) For that money
 it is a perfect product. The smell is neutral, the consistency is creamy.

My Rate ( maximum 10)

Quality             10 ( for 6 pound it is good, just silicon)
Packaging        10 ( for 6 pound it is good)
Smell                 9 ( it's little bit specific)
Blending          10 ( fast absorbing) 
Consistency     10  ( creamy)

Overall 9.8

NARS 'Pro-Prime™' Oil Free Pore Refining Primer

It's pretty nice product for oily skin, but I have normal skin.The smell is organic( flowers and herbs). It is liquid and absorbs slow but not too slow. The price is normal, and the quality of the product is very high. I like it but not too much, but it will be perfect to oily skin.

My Rate ( maximum 10)

Quality                10 
Packaging            9 (very light, but without pump)
Smell                  10 (herb )
Blending              9 (long absorbing ) 
Consistency         9 (watery)

Overall 9.4

NYX Studio Photogenic Primer

Firstly when I saw words Photogenic HD primer I thought WOW it will be amazing! But I was really disappointed, because it primes you face  really good, but it blends and absorbs so bad! The colour of the primer is light green and white( strange), the smell is disgusting, the packaging is not so bad, with pump and light. I will advice you to use it only at one - two specific areas of your face.  I will not recommended to buy it if you want to use it for all face , but for some red areas it will be perfect.

My Rate ( maximum 10)

Quality                 9  
Packaging            10 (very light, and with pump)
Smell                    6 
Blending              6 (long absorbing and too hard to blend ) 
Consistency         9 (too creamy)

Overall 8

Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Flash Radiance skincare brush

I love love love it! It has their own brush on it(!!), but the golden logo comes out so fast.( you can see at the photo) Smell is pretty good, it primes not bad, and absorbs perfect, foundation looks great after this one. The consistency is creamy and smooth.

My Rate ( maximum 10)

Quality                 10 
Packaging             9 (super but logo comes out)
Smell                    9 ( good) 
Blending              10  
Consistency         10

Overall 9.6

My Leader Board

1.Collection 2000 
2.Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Flash Radiance skincare brush
3.Guerlain L'OR
4.NARS 'Pro-Prime™' Oil Free Pore Refining Primer
5.NYX Studio Photogenic Primer

 Finally, you should choose what you prefer, this review is just my subjective point of view.

Hope it will be useful!

I love you all.
I hope you enjoy it!


Hello Beautiful!) Today my first giveaway starts!

First of all I need  20 followers, than I will pick up randomly 5 winners! It is for UK only!

What you need to do:

1) Be my follower!
2) If you are under 18, I need approve from your parents to give me your address.

When first 20 followers will be here, I will explain you what the next step to win amazing presents!) And also show you presents that you can get!) ( it will be make-up staff)

Love you all!

                                                       XoXo Skinny Witch!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: Limited Edition Diorific Vernis

Hello Beautiful!) Today I want to do a small review about Limited Edition Diorific Vernis I have in colour 901 Diva!   The Christmas collection is amazing!!  I fell in love with every single thing! Really!
I bought nail polish and false lashes (001 silver) I did not buy gold ones because there were too long)



The texture is good, high quality, like all Dior nail polishes.The color is just black with non visible golden glitter. The packaging visually  is amazing and very good quality, but in use it is little bit uncomfortable, because of its tiniest holder. 
Price is £19

My Rate (maximum 10)

Packaging         7 (beautiful, but uncomfortable)
Quality              8 ( because of brush)
Colour             10 (just good black one)

I recommend to buy it just for collection and because of the packaging.

If you have something from this collection write in comments) I will be very happy!) 

                                                     XoXo Skinny Witch!

Clutch From The Future!

Hello Beautiful!) Few weeks ago I found the most amazing and extraordinary clutch I have ever seen!!!   It is not too expensive, and you can order it from their web )
It is a Portuguese brand and have unusual jewelry and staff. I will porches it and make an unboxing  post!) If you would like))

Which one do you prefer?)

                                                                                                               XoXo Skinny Witch!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello! HI!

Hello Beautiful!) I am so so so happy to start my new blog in English! I hope that you will like it and I will try to do my best!
 Firstly, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Skinny Witch, I know it sounds little bit funny, but I prefer to be fantasy character for you. I will do my post about everything that you my followers will ask for! I would like to tell you about my favorites in make up, fashion, I will show you some OOTD, my collection of shoes and bags, and also a lot secrets about make up.
I hope you enjoy it!

Love you

Always remember you are beautiful!)

                                                                         XoXo Skinny Witch!